Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I survived day one. Yay.

Posted by Neil.

Healthy eating and Neil have never really gone hand in hand, my idea of a nice light snack is a whole big bag of chips, I've never really been one to watch what I eat other than to watch it going into my mouth. This year will be different, this year I will eat healthy. I'm not concerened with my weight, but I have found myself feeling crappy recently I just don't feel healthy, I have little to no energy most of the time and I've been grumpier than usual, my goal for the year is just to be healthier.

Day one went pretty well, the only eating obstacles I had were having to eat breakfast and drinking 8 cups of water. I don't like water all that much I prefer to drink coffee and soft drinks, the coffee I can still do without sugar and cream, but it's still got yummy caffeine. I did however meet my nemisis, his name is fibre, this stuff is evil and should be outlawed, the things fibre does to your digestive system are on par with acts of war, I have yet to have any fibre so far on day 2 and my stomach is still grumbling about the evil that I put in it yesterday.

All in all it was a good day, I didn't miss the crap I usually eat and I was satisfied with the amount of food that I could eat, I will slowly get used to drinking copious amounts of water, my intestines will adjust to the excess fibre and I will survive days 2-365.


  1. Do you guys have Benefiber up in Canada? Thats what I take, You are supposed to do 2 teaspoons 3 times a day, but I only do it once a day. You can't taste it, it dissolves well, you can bake with it and put it in any noncarbonated beverage or hot foods (even coffee if you are brave enough).

  2. I should totally sneak some in Neils coffee bahahaha

  3. More fiber? are you crazy woman, I'm fairly certain I don't have a colon anymore as it is.

  4. It's not that bad as long as you don't, er, overload your system all at once.